ANNO 1693

ANNO 1693, is a rich, elegant, complex and well-balanced Bordeaux-style red blend made from two varietals: Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. All of the grapes are grown and nurtured on Normandie Est. 1693. ANNO 1693 is the second red blend from the Estate; it is the natural extension to the iconic and legendary Eisen & Viljoen. Anno 1693 was created with all of the passion and expertise that Normandie Est.1693 is renown for with the purpose of expanding the treasured wine experience.

Abundant sunlight helps our vines to achieve sufficient bud fertility for us to use hand spur pruning with great results. Our Summer canopy management includes shoot thinning in mid-Spring as needed and further leaf thinning later in the season. Shoot positioning is another tool we use to achieve perfect, homogenous ripeness and bring naturally well balanced grapes into the cellar. Bunch sorting is done in the vineyard during a careful hand harvest in order to achieve an even ripeness.

After destemming, the selected grapes are fermented in stainless steel tanks with daily pump overs. Pressing of the fermenting grapes and must is done at around 5°B, after which the wine ferments dry in small French oak barrels. Malolactic fermentation also takes place in the same barrels, after which the wine is racked and returned into washed barrels for the ageing period of approximately 12 months. Barrels are 100% French oak of which 25% are new every vintage.

After careful bottling, Anno 1693 is aged for a further 18 months prior to labeling, at which time the unique seal is meticulously hand applied.

Anno 1693 is an elegant, generous and complex yet accessible Bordeaux-style red blend that is a true reflection of the high standard set by Normandie Est. 1693 and its’ exceptional terroir; a worthy stall mate for Eisen & Viljoen.

Vintage Notes

Vintage Notes